The Farm at Butler mini-series

“Professor’s DNA Research Could Help Cure Genetic Diseases”

“Changing Hearts with a Rainbow Sticker”

“How Neuroscience Helps Kids Heal From Trauma”


“Thank You, God, For Making Me Gay and Catholic” (Ball Bearings)

  • This story placed first in feature writing categories of the 2018 AEJMC Student Magazine Contest, the 2018 CSPA Gold Circle Awards, the 2019 Indiana Collegiate Press Association Spring Contest, and the 2018 SPJ Indiana “Best in Indiana Journalism Contest”. It also placed eighth out of 155 entries in the college feature writing category of The 2018 Hearst Journalism Awards Program. Shortly after being published, it was referenced in an article by New Ways Ministry.

“The Day She Stopped Listening” (Ball Bearings)

  • This story placed second in the news feature writing category of the 2019 CSPA Gold Circle Awards. In the same contest, the sidebar for this story placed first in the sidebar writing category.

“How Journalists Can Help Restore Trust in the Media” (Ball Bearings)

Beneath Ball State” (Multimedia Project)

“What Constitutes Tradition” (Ball Bearings)

  • This piece received a certificate of merit for news writing in the 2019 CSPA Gold Circle Awards (digital media category).

“Addicted to Perfection” (Ball Bearings)

“The Mental Cost of College” (Ball Bearings)

  • This story placed as a finalist in the 2016 SPJ Region 5 Mark of Excellence Awards. It was the first major piece I wrote during college. Reading back through it now, I recognize several areas that could be improved, but the experience of reporting this story was important for my growth as a journalist.

“Traveler: Cape May, New Jersey” (Indianapolis Monthly)

“Meet: Drag Brunch Divas” (Indianapolis Monthly)

“Producing Personhood” (Ball Bearings)

“Disability Inclusion in the Workplace” (Multimedia Project)

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