Q&A With Joanna Taft

The Harrison Center executive director shares what to expect at this Saturday’s PreEnact Indy: Monon 16.

Indianapolis Monthly: How would you describe PreEnact for someone who knows nothing about it?
Joanna Taft: At a re-enactment, you see people acting out the way things used to be, and you try on an old-fashioned way of living. PreEnact is the exact opposite. We’re acting out the way things ought to be, with an interactive performance of the neighbors’ hopes and dreams for a world where there’s justice and mercy.

IM: What inspired you to start this project?
JT: I’ve been trying to figure out how to revitalize a neighborhood and still be inclusive. There’s a lot of conversation about gentrification in our country, so I want to strengthen the neighborhood and bring it back to life in a way that benefits everyone. I thought, what if theater could help us? What if we could act out an end result that we don’t really know how to get to? We act out a healthy and inclusive neighborhood, which gives us something to work toward.

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