Traveler: Weekend Trip To Fort Wayne

Chances are the state’s second-largest city isn’t on your radar for summer travel. We’re here to set you straight with a weekend trip worth the drive.

When looking for a quick getaway, you might not consider leaving the capital for one of Indiana’s smaller metros. But just two hours northeast of the Circle City, Fort Wayne hosts attractions like a nationally recognized zoo and a flourishing arts community. Here’s a roundup of five ways you can enjoy a summer day in the state’s second-largest city.

Fort Wayne TinCaps
The first thing you notice when you walk through the gates of Parkview Field is the aroma of fries that slams your senses. But when you go to buy some of your own during a lull in the third inning, you might find it difficult to choose between the four main concession stands and the 20-plus other food carts and bars available at the single-A TinCaps’s stadium. After you settle on a vegetarian black bean burger or a custom-made burrito, you’ll inevitably be tempted instead by the huge cone of hand-dipped ice cream melting onto the hands of the kid in the front row.

Since Parkview Field opened in 2009, it has become a popular weekend destination for all ages in Fort Wayne, from children who just want to meet Johnny Tincap to young couples looking for casual dates with great photo ops. Get a group together and watch the action from the luxury of an air-conditioned suite, or bring a blanket and sprawl out picnic-style in the outfield lawn, just $5. But if you go for the lawn, start moving toward the infield seats during the last inning to make sure you have a clear view of the fireworks show, launched directly from the field after nearly every game this season.

Until then, don’t miss the Bad Apple Dancers and occasional visits from Jake the Diamond Dog between innings. The 21-and-over crowd can also look forward to bourbon and wine tastings coming up this summer, or stick to the $1 beer on Thirsty Thursdays every week.

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