No Escape

Though Kasey Burchett would prefer living without modern technologies like her phone and social media, that doesn’t seem to be an option in modern society.

Kasey Burchett, a senior at Ball State University, lived in the jungle for three and a half months.

The experience in the summer of 2015 was part of a biology internship in Panama, which she shared with about 30 other students and directors she had never met.

Falling asleep in her hammock, a ceiling above and dirt floor below but no walls to keep out the night,  Kasey  would  hear geckos calling. She walked barefoot during the day despite the cockroaches, spiders, and snakes. In Panama and on some other trips she has taken, she couldn’t access any form of technological communication.

Unlike many twenty-one-year-olds, Kasey would rather have it that way.

But she can’t. Kasey loves to travel the wild without the distraction of being online, but she also loves her family. She’d rather live Internet-free, but the web is the only thing bridging her juxtaposed desires to travel the world and stay close with people at home. So she needs to find a balance.

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